About ANNA King

About ANNA King

anna king foundersANNA King is smart luxury.
We design bags that you can wear every day, all day, at multiple occasions, without a worry. All of our bags are thoughtfully designed with clean lines and stand out through their elegant simplicity and creative combination of unique leathers.

ANNA King is personal commitment.
Our founders combine German efficiency with the Australian understated sense for luxury and are hands-on in every step of the way, from design to product photography. Both love cutting the leather for your bags themselves and believe that it is an essential part to fully understanding leather products as well as building a relationship with every single bag we create.

ANNA King is a family legacy continued.
Stephanie’s grandfather owned a handbag boutique in the heart of Sydney’s Martin Place in the 1940s and her father is an award winning furniture designer. From a young age she developed a wealth of knowledge about fine leather products and can build on long-lasting personal relationships to European leather tanneries. Naming the brand after Stephanie's Italian grandmother reflects the family heritage of designing beautiful products.

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